With Gratitude!

For 29 years The Live Oak Center has offered clients treatment for speech and language disorders. We have been at three different physical locations for our office. Our home has been at 3724 Jefferson, since 1994.

Jayne Larson and Shelia Woodfin founded The Live Oak Center for Communication Disorders in July of 1988. Through the years, The Live Oak Center has been blessed to have many beloved and skilled clinicians as part of the staff. The current set of clinicians including Susan, Kari and Jennifer have been with us for years. Ms. Ruth, our office manager and assistant in all things, has been with us since 1999.

We closed The Live Oak Center on May 31, 2017. Our staff are all heading in different directions. Shelia is retiring. Jayne is continuing a solo private practice. Susan is continuing her own practice. Jennifer is taking some time off before following a new path. Kari will also take some time off and continue pursuing her writing of children’s books.

Danina Culver, physical therapist, who was with us for over 20 years has moved her practice to a nearby location.

We lovingly remember Margaret Loeb, our Occupational Therapist for so many years.

Our lives have been entwined with our clients, their families and our colleagues in many interesting and poignant ways. All of us offer our thanks to each and every one of you for coming to The Live Oak Center and sustaining your connection with us. You are the reason that this business continued for 29 years.

We wish you all the best.

Shelia Woodfin